When double opt-in is enabled, your subscribers will need to complete the confirmation process. This process consists of them receiving a confirmation email and clicking the confirmation link included in that email.

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Campaign level confirmation email

Auxiliary emails are the emails sent to your subscribers when you have double opt-in enabled. 

Navigate to your Campaigns tab > Choose the campaign you want to work with, then go to your Emails tab and select Auxiliary Emails.

Feel free to modify this email as needed, but you will want to leave the confirmation URL short code in the email, so your new subscriber will be able to complete the opt-in step.

Do not delete: {{ confirmation_link }}

I accidentally deleted my confirmation link

Not to worry! Simply copy and paste it from the warning above and all will be in excellent order.


Form level confirmation email

Navigate to Forms > Design > Confirmation Settings

Unless you select Never from the drop-down options, any subscriber that submits the form will be required to confirm their subscription via the confirmation URL in the confirmation email.


Remember to save your settings.