You can create a special link that, when a subscriber clicks it, automates actions in Drip. These are called Trigger Links.

When you create a Trigger Link, Drip generates a unique URL that you can copy and paste in various places.

If you use a Trigger Link in an email or in a Workflow, you can use the Link Editor to pick your Trigger Link from a drop-down menu, so you don’t have to copy/paste the unique Trigger Link URL generated by Drip.

Trigger Links will work in emails sent from Drip, and they will also work on pages that contain your Drip tracking snippet.


Creating a Trigger Link Using a Basic Rule

To set up a Trigger Link to use in any email or on your website, first create a Basic Rule.


Use the “Clicked a trigger link” trigger for your Basic Rule.

You may leave the URL field blank at this point, or populate it with your chosen URL. You will have the option of adding other URLs to this Automation Rule in the future if you choose.

Screenshot 2015-11-24 23.58.17


Once your Automation Rule containing your Trigger Link trigger and action has been created and activated, you can use Drip’s link editor to apply this link to your emails.

You can also use the link editor to modify your Trigger Link rule by adding more destination URLs to the rule.


The link editor also allows you to select an existing Automation Rule and add a link trigger to it.


You can copy and paste the Trigger Link URL generated by a Basic Rule or a Workflow Goal onto any website with Drip’s tracking snippet installed, and it will:

  • Fire the action you’ve specified in the Trigger Link’s basic rule, as long as the person clicking the link is a subscriber
  • Work like a normal link if the person clicking is not a subscriber

If you wish to add a Trigger Link to page that does not contain Drip’s tracking snippet (a landing page, for example), you will need to add your Drip tracking snippet to that page, and if the page is on a different domain than your site, you’ll need to enable cross-domain tracking.

To create a Trigger Link to use on your site, follow the steps listed for creating a Basic Rule Trigger Link. Once your Basic Rule is ready to go and activated, copy the Trigger URL generated by the Basic Rule and paste it onto your page.


Creating A Trigger Link in a Workflow


Use Trigger Links in Workflows to fire Workflow goals.

Creating a Trigger Link in a Workflow will generate a unique Trigger Link URL that you can use in any email you send, including those outside of your Workflow.


You can also access the URL of the Trigger Link you create through the Link Editor modal in your email editor.


To add a trigger link to an email in a Workflow, click the Link Editor in your email editor toolbar.

In the Link Editor, choose the “Trigger Link” option. Then:

  1. Choose the workflow containing the trigger link.
  2. Select the appropriate trigger link. If the workflow contains more than one trigger link, they will be listed here.