You can use Drip to schedule SMS messages to your subscribers.

To make this happen, you need:

  • A Zapier account
  • A SMS service connected to Zapier, like Twilio
  • Your subscribers’ phone numbers, and permission to send them SMS messages

To get started, either create a workflow or edit an existing one at the point you’d like to send an SMS. If you’re creating a workflow specifically to send SMS, first determine a trigger for your workflow (like submitted a form or made a purchase).

Step 1:

Add a decision to the workflow. Filter the decision on if the subscriber has a phone number or not.

You must be collecting subscribers’ phone numbers for this to work.

Choose “Custom fields” for the decision. In this example, the custom field containing the subscriber’s phone number is called “phone.” If yours is called something else, update this.




On the “yes” path, create an action step of “Record a custom event.”

Call the event “Send SMS.”

Step 2:

Connect Drip to your Zapier account.

Choose Drip as the trigger for your Zap, and select “New custom event.”


Filter the Zap on the event action name, and choose “(Text) Exactly matches Send SMS.”


Connect your SMS app (like Twilio) for the action step, and modify the Zap to send the text you want.


That’s it!