Drip has over 25 triggers and actions which you can use to build Automation Rules. Below is a complete list.

14 Triggers

  1. Subscribed to a campaign
  2. Completed a campaign
  3. Visited a page
  4. Clicked a trigger link
  5. Updated a custom field
  6. Performed a custom event
  7. Applied a tag
  8. Removed a tag
  9. Made a purchase
  10. Performed an action in another application
  11. Submitted a form
  12. Opened an email
  13. Replied to an email
  14. Became a lead

15 Actions

  1. Apply a tag
  2. Subscribe to a campaign
  3. Move from one campaign to another
  4. Remove from a campaign
  5. Restart a campaign
  6. Remove a tag
  7. Send a one-off email
  8. Set a custom field
  9. Record an event
  10. Record a conversion
  11. Delete the subscriber
  12. Send the subscriber to another application
  13. Flag the subscriber as a prospect
  14. Unsubscribe the subscriber
  15. Send a notification email