This workflow is designed for you to use when engaging in Joint Venture webinars. Joint Venture webinars are when you find a product or business similar to yours and agree to promote your products together. Your products are complimentary and your audiences will benefit from hearing about both. Often, joint venture webinars also include a revenue split. More info about joint ventures here.

Like our JV Workflow Blueprint, Brennan Dunn’s version is ideal if you do webinars on a regular basis, because the workflow is designed to dynamically update for each webinar.

While Brennan’s workflow takes more effort to set up, it gives you more than the basic JV Workflow Blueprint:

  • Allows you to send different campaigns depending on how close someone signs up to the webinar date
  • Allows you to customize every email you send with the start time of each unique webinar, links to join the webinar, and with your Joint Venture co-host’s name
  • Allows you to see how profitable the webinar was
  • Send SMS messages to remind people to attend the webinar

This webinar requires:

  • Drip
  • A landing page to host your webinar (Leadpages provides a template for this)
  • Youtube Live, for broadcasting your webinar
  • Chatroll
  • Zapier
  • Twilio or a similar SMS tool


Here’s an overview of the entire webinar workflow.


Let’s break it down.


Fixed Date Adjustment

If someone registers a number of days before the webinar starts, send them several reminder emails.
If someone registers a day or two before the webinar starts, send them fewer reminder emails.


Do this by using the “Set a custom field” step with this exact liquid code:

{{ now | in_time_zone: “America/New_York” | advance_date_to_next: “Tuesday” | at_midnight | timestamp | plus: 50400 }}

In the above example, change “Tuesday” to the day of your webinar.


SMS Reminders (Requires Zapier and Twilio)

When someone registers for one of your webinars, collect their phone number to use later to remind them when the webinar is starting.

You can use Drip to send an SMS post-webinar as well, to remind of attendee-exclusive expiring offers.

Using SMS in your workflow drives engagement as SMS have a much higher read rate than email.


Record a “SMS – Send” event. Use this event to trigger a Zap that sends a text (using a connected tool like Twilio).


Automate During Webinar Sale Fulfillment

If you offer an exclusive bonus for people who purchase on the webinar, automate the delivery of their bonuses using this workflow.

If within 2 hours they are tagged with “Purchased,” send the bonus.followup

If not, send them a sales followup.