Evergreen expiring offers in Drip can make a true deadline for each of your subscribers.

There are two important pieces to an evergreen expiring offer:

  • An offer page with a countdown timer that redirects when the offer expires
  • A series of reminder emails that update the expiration of the offer for every subscriber, regardless of when they opt in for the offer

If you need a way to expire your offer on your site, we recommend using Leadpages’ countdown widget, which allows you to redirect your visitors to a different page after the offer expires.

Follow this blueprint to set up your offer page and emails in a Drip workflow.
Choose a Trigger

Choose what should start someone in the expiring offer Workflow. If it’s submitted a landing page, choose that option as a trigger.

Workflow step 1:
Create a step in your workflow. Under the “What kind of step would you like to add?” modal, choose “Action,” and then choose “Set a custom field.”



For the Identifier, type “offer_expiration”

For the Value, copy and paste this formula:

{{ now | timestamp | plus: 172800 }}


This formula will give a 2-day offer. The offer length is set by the numbers in the formula, which is 2 days in the Unix format. You don’t need to know anything about Unix, but if you need a different day delay, you can calculate your delay with a Unix calculator like this one. http://www.epochconverter.com/

For example, if you’re offering a 6 day delay, the Unix code would be 518400

And the entire formula that you paste into Drip would be {{ now | timestamp | plus: 518400 }}

Step 2

Your next step in your workflow is another Action. Click Action, then select “Send one off email.”


This email will give your subscriber their exclusive expiring offer access code and tell them how much time they have left in their offer.

Include a link to the page with the expiring offer.

Copy and paste this code to display their offer expiration date in the email:

{{ subscriber.offer_expiration | date: “%b %d, %Y %I:%M %p -0500” “}}

Step 3

Once you finish writing your offer email, add another step to your workflow – this time, a 24-hour delay. Then, add another one-off email.


If your offer is only two days long, this email should say “Only one day left.” Copy and paste this code into that email to show the day their offer expires: {{ subscriber.offer_expiration | date: “%b %d, %Y %I:%M %p -0500” “}}

If your offer has more than a couple of days, keep adding delays and one-off emails as needed.

Step 4

Your final reminder should go a few hours before your offer expires.

Add a 22-hour delay to have this email send 2 hours before the offer expires.


When someone purchases your offer, you need to remove them from your reminder emails. To do this, add another step to your Workflow – this time, a Goal.

If you haven’t integrated your shopping cart with Drip yet, do that, then come back to this step.

Step 5

In the Goal of your Workflow, choose which event should trigger the goal. For example, if you’re using SamCart, choose the “Made a purchase” option, select SamCart, and then enter the name of your product.

This Goal will remove a subscriber from all the emails and delays above it as soon as they purchase.

Step 6

Add a thank you email below the goal to confirm the purchase.

There you have it! A complete evergreen expiring offer workflow in Drip.