If you do joint venture webinars (or webinars with any third party on a regular basis), you spend a nontrivial amount of time setting up emails for attendees.

If you do joint venture webinars (or webinars with any third party on a regular basis), you spend a nontrivial amount of time setting up emails for attendees.

With this blueprint, you can take 90% of the work out of your webinar messaging.

By setting this system up once, and later updating fields with a few key pieces of information, you’ll never write an email to promote a webinar again.

This workflow is best used to promote a webinar you are hosting on a webinar platform like GoToWebinar, WebinarJam, or Easy Webinar. From those tools, you can register your attendees and send reminder emails, and use Drip to promote the webinar and get opt-ins.

Let’s get started.

What you’ll need for this Workflow:

  • A joint-venture webinar to promote
  • A landing page to register people for the webinar
  • A thank you page to confirm when someone registers
  • A replay page where you’ll host the recording of the webinar
  • (Optional) An affiliate link to your cohost

Step 1: Create a basic rule in Drip.

This rule will be triggered when someone opts in for a webinar. If you’re using a landing page to get opt-ins, connect it as the trigger.

If you’re using a trigger link, use that as the trigger. Or you could be using a combination of opt-ins, like a trigger link and a landing page. In that case, add as many triggers as you’re using to the basic rule.

For the actions of the basic rule, set custom fields that identify the webinar, the time of the webinar, the names of the hosts, any thank you pages, affiliate links, and replay pages.

These custom fields will all be used in your emails to change the information sent in your reminder emails based on which webinar your subscriber is attending.

A quick glossary of what these custom fields mean:


Custom Field Name Custom Field Value
jv_cohost The name of the person you’re doing your joint venture webinar with
jv_host Your name or the name of the person from your team who’s hosting the webinar
jv_event_time When your event starts, in a human-readable format. We like to use this: October 25th at 1PM EST (10AM Pacific)
jv_event_name The name of the webinar.
jv_gtw_url The URL for the webinar. We use GoToWebinar, but you could easily make this jv_wj_url (if you used WebinarJam, for example)
jv_registration_url The URL of the landing page you use to get signups for the webinar
jv_ty_url The thank you page URL when someone confirms their registration for the webinar
jv_affiliate_link The link your co-host will use to promote your product
jv_replay_page_url The URL of the page you’ll use for a webinar replay
jv_replay_page_url The URL of the page you’ll use for a webinar replay


Step 2: Create a Campaign

Call your campaign “JV Webinar Reminder.” Include one email in the campaign.

Here’s the copy we use:

Subject: {{ subscriber.jv_cohost }} and {{ subscriber.jv_host }} Present, “{{ subscriber.jv_event_name }}”


“{{ subscriber.jv_event_name }}”

I’m looking forward to our upcoming webinar!

One thing you should know about our webinars: they’re really a live experience. I want you to have the chance to ask questions and get responses in real time. We’ve got a lot of good stuff in store, and I’d hate for you to miss out.

Watch your inbox for an email from GoToWebinar with all of your webinar login details.

If you don’t receive it within a few minutes, just fill out the form on this page: {{ subscriber.lp_jv_gtw_url }}

Remember, the start time is {{ subscriber.lp_jv_time }}

You’ll be emailed a link to join the webinar an hour before we start.

See you soon!

– {{ subscriber.jv_cohost }} and {{ subscriber.jv_host }}


To create this campaign using the Blueprint already in your Drip account, click the “Browse Our Blueprints” button, and select the “JV Webinar Reminder” blueprint. This will one-click install the email shown above into your campaign – no copy/paste required.


Step 3: Create a Workflow

Call the workflow “JV Webinar”

Trigger the workflow with the method you’re using to register subscribers. If it’s a landing page, add that page as the trigger. If there are multiple ways people could opt in, like a landing page or a trigger link, add each method as a trigger.

Workflow Step 1: Add a “JV Webinar” tag as the first step in your workflow.

Workflow Step 2: Send the “JV Webinar Reminder” Campaign.

Add an Action step, and select the “Send a campaign” option. Pick the campaign you just created with the reminder email.

Workflow Step 3: Add a 7-day delay.

This 7-day delay allows time for your registrants and attendees to purchase. Once they purchase, they’ll trigger a different part of the workflow.

Workflow Step 4: Add an exit

If your registrants and attendees don’t purchase within 7 days, they will exit the workflow.

Workflow Step 5: Add a goal

If you are offering a product or sale on the webinar, you should add a goal to the end of the workflow. In this example, the goal is triggered by someone making a purchase via SamCart. If you’re not using SamCart, modify this to work with your cart or payment gateway.