It’s important to get the delivery of your lead magnet right. This sets the tone for your relationship with your subscribers.

Delivering your lead magnets in Drip (rather than another tool) lets you get better reporting on who downloads what and trigger more advanced automation and segmentation.

Follow this blueprint for lead magnet delivery best practices.

What you need for this blueprint:

  • A lead magnet
  • A host for your lead magnet (if it’s a downloadable resource)
  • An opt in (like a Drip form or a landing page)

Step 1

If your lead magnet is a downloadable resource, you will need to host it. You could do this on your own site, through a free service like Google Drive and Dropbox, or a paid service like Amazon S3.

Step 2

Create a workflow. Call it [Lead Magnet Delivery] **NAME OF LEAD MAGNET**

This workflow is designed ONLY to deliver your lead magnet. It will also include one tag, so you can keep track of who has been through the workflow and received the lead magnet.



Add a trigger to the workflow. If someone is downloading the lead magnet by submitting a Drip widget or form, use the “Submitted a Form” trigger. If it’s through a landing page like Leadpages, use that trigger.




Add a tag to the workflow. Call it “Downloaded **NAME OF LEAD MAGNET**.



Send a one-off email. In this email, include the link of the lead magnet (hosted through the host you selected in Step 1).

Step 3 (Optional)


Include a step to add the subscriber to your main marketing workflow, if you have one.