Stop playing email tag with your prospects and missing opportunities to fill your calendar with consultation calls.

This Workflow Blueprint will add new consultation calls to your calendar automatically.

With this Blueprint, every prospect who requests a consultation call from you will be reminded to complete the scheduling request, even if they forget to do it after the first automated email you send them.

Maximize your consultation requests and free up hours in your day by using this Workflow Blueprint.

Step 1:

Add a Drip Form to your site to accept consultation requests.

Step 2:

Create a new Workflow and use your newly-created form as the trigger for the workflow.


Step 3:

Click on Action, then choose the “Apply A Tag” option. Apply a tag called “Consultation Request.” This will allow you to filter all your subscribers later and see who requested a consultation.


Step 4:

Go to “Campaigns” and create a new campaign. Choose the “Schedule a call” blueprint and customize it with your information.


If you use Calendly or another scheduler to schedule calls, include your links in each campaign email.

Tip: Add additional reminder emails to this campaign. Those additional reminder emails will continue to send (and remind people to schedule with you) until the subscriber triggers the goal in Step 6.

Step 5:

Go back to the workflow, and add the “Send a campaign” step. Choose the campaign you just created.


Step 6:

Add a Goal. This goal will trigger when your subscribers schedule a call using your scheduling tool. If you’re using Calendly, this trigger is built in to Drip. If you’re using another tool, you can connect it via Zapier.


The people who schedule calls with you will be removed from the scheduling campaign and won’t receive any more reminders to schedule a call with you.

Step 7:

Apply a “Scheduled Consultation” tag immediately after the Goal. This will allow you to sort your subscribers based on who has the tag “Requested Consultation” but does not have “Scheduled Consultation.”


If you sell your services through a shopping cart or payment gateway, you can add another goal later in the workflow that will trigger when one of your consultations makes a purchase.

This can apply a tag, like Client, and even record conversions.