Some of the automation actions in Drip include a few additional parameters—these parameters determine how the action will react to subscriber interaction.

Below is an overview of those customizations and how they function.

Send a campaign action in a workflow

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Checking this box will send out a confirmation email to the subscriber before they receive the first email in the campaign. Learn more about double opt-ins
If checked, the subscriber will restart the particular campaign if they re enter the workflow trigger that set off this action.
If unchecked, subscribers will be removed from this campaign when a downstream goal is achieved. Checking the box will override the explained default.

These same extended actions can be found with the Move from one campaign to another, action, but excludes the Restart the campaign when this action fires since you will ultimately be starting a brand new campaign.

Record an event

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This allows you to specify an identifier and a value that has to be true for this action to fire off. See the below screen shot for an example. Most commonly used if you will be dynamically changing identifiers through an API call for example.

This example for Add action properties will only fire off if the subscriber has made a purchase of a product that has a product_id equal to 999.

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Start a workflow (if used within an existing workflow)

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If left unchecked, subscribers will be removed from this workflow when a downstream goal is achieved

Example in a workflow



Example explained:

The subscriber submits a Drip form and immediately gets sent to a second workflow called “Lead funnel”. If the subscriber achieves the goal of Clicked a trigger link, they will be removed from the “Lead funnel” workflow. If the checkbox is ticked, the subscriber will continue down the “Lead funnel” workflow, even if they achieve the Clicked a trigger link goal in the parent workflow.