When you finish building your Workflow and press the “Start” button, you’ll see subscribers make their way through your Workflow.

Follow these steps if you need to make edits to your published Workflow.

Editing your draft Workflow is simple: Just delete or add steps as needed. But when your Workflow is live, and subscribers are in it, editing your Workflow requires you first make a copy of the original Workflow and make your edits in the new copy.

This is because a Workflow with subscribers in it must first finish performing scheduled actions for all subscribers before it can be edited.

To make edits to a published Workflow, follow these steps.

Make a copy of the workflow you need to edit.


Click the “Create a copy” button in your Workflow Menu Bar.

Update All Trigger Links

Screenshot 2016-03-10 09.45.24

If your workflow includes trigger links, update the links in all your campaign and one-off emails.


Start accepting subscribers on your new workflow, and stop accepting them on the old one.

Once you’ve made the edits you need, you can start your copied Workflow. Pressing the “Start” button on a copy of a Workflow will bring up this modal:


Typically, you’ll want to stop accepting subscribers on your old workflow as soon as your new version goes live.