The beauty of Workflows is you can chain many actions together sequentially, in a well-documented chart.

Workflows make it easy to chain one-off emails together and separate them with delays… which may leave you wondering if, and how, you should use Campaigns in Workflows.


Campaigns are designed to let you manage drip email sequences with ease. 

Re-ordering emails, inserting emails, or having 100 one-off emails in your sequence is a painful proposition in Workflows.

Campaigns are table-based and are the best tool to use when you have a number of sequenced emails to send in your Workflow.

Here’s how Campaigns can add power to your Workflows:

  • Creating a Campaign is easier to do than creating a string of one-off emails in your Workflow. Campaign emails are compiled in a table builder and are designed to be easy to edit (including drag-and-drop reordering).
  • A Campaign can be reused in other Workflows.
  • If a subscriber is removed from a Campaign, but later needs to be re-added, you can ensure they won’t receive emails that they received in the past.

However, there are some reasons why you might want to use a sequence of one-off emails separated by delays:

  • You need to change the from name on your emails mid-sequence
  • You need to add actions in between emails in the sequence, like adding a tag