This article covers the frequently asked questions we get regarding billing.

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Does Drip include unsubscribed and removed subscribers when it comes to billing?

No. Drip only bills you for the highest amount of active subscribers during a given billing period. If you would like to learn more about what active, unsubscribed or removed subscribers are, please read this article.

I have multiple accounts under my subscription. What does that mean for my bill?

We do not charge based on the number of accounts a user has under their subscription, but rather the high water mark of active subscribers during a given billing period. Let’s look at an example:

Here is a list of accounts and subscriber high water marks for a single billing period:

  • Account 1 had 100 active subscribers
  • Account 2 had 125 active subscribers
  • Account 3 had 50 active subscribers

Now, add up the total amount of active subscribers between all 3 accounts. That’s 275 active subscribers for that billing period. You can use our handy pricing calculator to determine which plan type this subscription would get billed under. Once you punch in the numbers, you’ll notice that this particular billing period would fall within the Basic plan type.

Why am I experiencing a significant increase in my monthly cost?

Subscriber growth is the reason our users might experience a substantial increase in their monthly cost. For example, if you have been charged a consistent amount every billing period, but import a large list of subscribers at some point — that can attribute to a significant jump in your usage for that billing period.

If I delete a bunch of subscribers before my current billing period is up, will I see a decrease in my upcoming bill?

No. Even if you were to delete enough subscribers during your current billing period to place your subscription on a lower plan type, you will still get billed for the highest amount of subscribers you had during that billing period. However, after the current billing period is complete, your subscription will be downgraded automatically for the upcoming billing period.

This might be easier understood using a metaphor. Imagine your account as a large bucket and each subscriber as a cup of water. Every time a new subscriber (cup of water) is added to the bucket, a line is drawn on the side of the bucket to indicate the current level of water. If the bucket has 20 cups of water in it and five are removed, though there are only 15 cups of water in the bucket, the line indicating that 20 cups of water were in there still exists. The highest line drawn during the billing period dictates what plan level the account is charged under at the end of the billing period.

Does Drip have any features that will help me keep my bill more consistent?

Yes! Running regular Pruning Operations will not only help you keep your monthly bill from reaching your current plan type’s subscriber threshold, but the feature also helps you maintain a healthy list of engaged subscribers! To learn more about Pruning Operations, please read this article.

Is it possible to run out of my credits early under annual billing?

Yes. let’s say, for example, a user has signed up for annual billing under the Basic Plan Type, which allows for up to 2500 active subscribers. If at any point the user’s account exceeds the given plan type they originally signed up for, the account will auto upgrade to the next most cost-effective plan type based on the high water mark of active subscribers in their account(s) during that billing period. So, whether you run out of your annual credits early, or on the 1-year mark, Drip will automatically continue your subscription and charge the credit card on file for another year of annual credits based on the current plan type your subscription currently falls under.

Check out this video on how annual credits work:


How do email send limits on High Volume plans impact my bill?

If your subscription falls within a High Volume plan in which we enforce sending limits and those limits are exceeded, your subscription will auto-upgrade to the next most cost-effective plan type in order to fit your sending needs for that current billing period.