A broadcast copy allows you to create a new broadcast that will inherit its email content, settings, and recipient segments from the original.

Create a broadcast copy

Step 1

Navigate to Broadcasts > Settings


Step 2

In the broadcast settings, click the Copy this broadcast button.


Step 3

Name your broadcast copy and click the Copy Broadcast button.broadcast-copy-rename

Step 4

Now you can make any needed edits to the content, settings, and recipient segment.

Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly gets copied over from the original broadcast?

  • The broadcast copy will inherit the original broadcast’s email content, settings, and recipient segments.

Will the broadcast copy inherit open, click, unsubscribe, and reply rates from the original?

  • No, the broadcast copy will acquire it’s own open, click, unsubscribe, and reply rates.

Why would I use this feature?

If you are consistently sending similar broadcasts that only require a few edits each time, then this feature can streamline that process for you.