A broadcast copy allows you to create a new broadcast that will inherit its email content, settings, and recipient segments from the original.

Create a broadcast copy

Navigate to the Broadcasts tab. From there, select the broadcast you would like to duplicate and click the drop-down arrow located to the right of the “Settings” button. Select “Duplicate” from the drop-down.

Give your broadcast copy a descriptive name and click the “Duplicate Broadcast” button. Check off the “Use this new name as the email subject” if you would like to use the broadcast’s name as the email subject.


Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly gets copied over from the original broadcast?

  • The broadcast copy will inherit the original broadcast’s email content, settings, and recipient segments.

Will the broadcast copy inherit open, click, unsubscribe, and reply rates from the original?

  • No, the broadcast copy will acquire it’s own open, click, unsubscribe, and reply rates.

Why would I use this feature?

If you are consistently sending similar broadcasts that only require a few edits each time, then this feature can streamline that process for you.