Have you ever wondered which subject line will result in more email opens? Or whether to send emails at 11 am or 2 pm? Set up a split test and find out.

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Set up a new Split Test

To set up a new split test, go to Campaigns > Split Tests and click the “New Split Test” button.

You’ll notice that you can run a split test for these 3 criteria in your email campaigns:

  • Subject line
  • “From” Name
  • Time of send

For example, to test a subject line for a particular campaign email, select “Subject” from the 3 options and click the “Next Step” button.

Select the individual campaign you’d like to run the split test for.

Select the individual email from that campaign you’d like to create a subject variance for.

Once you have selected the email you’d like to test, you will be asked to add a subject line variation.

When you have added at least 1 variation to the subject line, you will be able to begin the test by clicking the “Start Test” button

To run additional split tests based on the other two options (“From” name and time of send), you will need to create separate split tests for each.


View your test results

Once you start your split test, you will get redirected to the test’s dashboard. The dashboard will look like this:

You’ll notice that this dashboard will track these 3 things:

  • Days running
  • Confidence
  • Approx. days to completion

You will need to give the test some time to circulate before Drip can successfully determine which campaign email variance is most effective. Another factor that can play in how quickly the test returns a “winner” is the volume at which the campaign is subscribed to. The more subscribers getting subscribed to your campaigns, the faster the test will return a percentage of confidence and determine a winner.

Once you are satisfied with the test results, you can click on the “Stop & Use This Variation” button to stop the test and send that particular variance going forward


Frequently Asked Questions

Can this same split test feature be used for broadcast emails?
— No, this feature is only available for testing campaign emails.