Create an opt-in widget to display on your marketing site or landing page to instantly start turning drive by traffic into permissive opt-in leads that will already be looking forward to receiving your marketing content.

Upon form submission, it is possible to automate actions like subscribing the individual to a marketing campaign or start them down a particular workflow, tag them or automatically send them to another application that Drip has an outbound integration with.

How to create widget in Drip

Navigate to Forms > New Opt-In Form


Name your form and you will then be taken to the form’s Design tab.

Let’s create a widget that will pop up on your webpage bottom right corner 20 seconds after the user lands on your page and automatically send the subscriber a campaign upon form submission.

By default the widget lives in the collapsed position when someone lands on your page.

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Customizing your widget content

These steps follow the screenshot below.

  1. Customize your Headline
  2. Customize your Description
  3. Customize your Button Text and Button Text While Submitting
  4. Be sure that you Enable the widget
  5. Select the Time Delay option


It is recommended to keep the Headline and Description relevant to the content that the user will be opting into.

Okay, let’s move on! (see below screenshot for step by step)

  1. (optional) Upload an image of your company logo or a good looking photo of yourself.
  2. (optional) Add more form fields if needed. By default, Drip will always create your new form with the email field ready to go.
  3. Under the Orientation tab select the Lower Right Tab option.

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When setting up your form to be displayed on mobile devices, you will need to use the “Lower Right Tab” orientation option. It is also important to note that the “Lightbox” orientation is not configured for mobile and will not work.

Configure your widget behavior

Next let’s configure the behavior of the widget. Under your Behavior tab choose the first check box and fill in as seen in the below screenshot. Remember, 20 seconds is the duration that we used for this demo, so feel free to choose a length of time that works for you!

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Displaying the widget on your site

Ok awesome! By default, Drip will display that form on every page of your website that you have the JavaScript tracking snippet installed.

We need to now tell the widget which pages to display or not display on. This can be done under the Visibility tab. Let’s say we only want to show this widget on our home page.

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Again, the above example on where to display the widget is done for this example, but play around with both the Hide on specific pages, and the Only show on specific pages options and see what works for you! More information on displaying your widget can be found here.

Setting up the widget’s automation rule

Now all that’s left to do is set up the automation rule that will send out a campaign once the subscriber submits the form (this next step assumes you already have a campaign that has been created).

Navigate to the Rules tab in the form builder view and add a new action. From the list of actions, select the Send a Campaign option from the drop-down and then choose whichever campaign you wish to send whenever a user submits your awesome new form! Did you know that you can have multiple actions fire off at once. Try adding a specific tag to the automation rule along with sending them a campaign!

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Great job, now you have an opt-in lead generating widget that will automatically send out a campaign when the user submits the form. Also, you might want to play around under the Font & Colors tab to make your new widget better match the design aesthetics of your website or landing page.

Again, these are just a few suggestions, so play around with your widget options before activating it and see what works best for you!