Campaigns are at the heart of Drip. This is where you will build your opt-in form, pen your emails, and adjust sign up and delivery settings.

Step 1: Create a new campaign

Navigate to Campaigns. Click the New Drip Campaign button.


Give your campaign a descriptive name. Click the Create Campaign button.


There are a few ways to get subscribers into campaigns – one is using our API, or integrations. Another is using bulk operations. But the main way is to create a new form and have subscribers opt-in via your website.

Step 2: Create the opt-in form

This step is optional. To bypass creating a form for this campaign, click the Next button in the lower right side of the app.


Give your new form a descriptive name.


Take a few moments to configure your form settings.

Tip: For further help customizing, and integrating your form, please see this article.

While you are working in your form builder, note the Rules tab.


Under this tab, you will see the automation rule that is automatically configured. This rule will send out your new campaign to any subscribers that opt-in through the form.form-rule

Tip: If you are new to using automation rules, or need further understanding on how they work, please see this article.

Step 3: Setting up the campaign emails

Navigate to the Emails tab.


If you have not added any emails to the campaign, select one of the pre-loaded campaign blueprints, or start from scratch.Emails_-_Marketing__Webinar_Invitation_·_DripWhich option should I select?

  • Blueprints will help you get started if you don’t have enough content to fill all of your emails. Each blueprint email will contain some placeholder content.
  • Start from scratch if you have all of your content ready to go. This option will set you up with a blank email editor.

Our most popular blueprint is the 5-Day Email Mini Course.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 3.54.19 PM

This blueprint is pre-loaded with 5 emails out of the box, along with some placeholder text to get you started. Click the Use This Blueprint button.

Click on the first email in the 5-Day Email Mini Course. You will see that there is already some placeholder content included in the email.


All you need to do is replace the **PLACEHOLDER CONTENT** with your own content. When you are happy with the email draft, click the Save & Publish button. Drip will not begin to send any campaign emails until you update your campaign from draft, to active.

Include valid postal address

Before activating your new campaign, you must include a valid postal address to comply with CAN-SPAM regulations.

Go to the Settingstab.


Include your valid street address, or PO Box.

valid-mail-addressStep 4: Activate your campaign

Double check your campaign settings and email content are configured to your liking.

It is good practice to test out your campaign with a test email address before sending to your subscribers.

Manually change the campaign from draft, to active.


If you are using a form along with this campaign, be sure to activate your form as well. 

Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I activate my campaign?

Do I have to use a form with my new campaign?

  • Using a form is optional. If you want to use this campaign in a workflow, please see this article