The customer journey is an up-to-date activity feed that reveals how your subscribers are interfacing with you and your marketing efforts. This data is displayed in an easy to follow timeline feed.

By default, the timeline will show any emails they have received and opened, workflows they have started and completed, and any tags that have been applied to the individual (amongst other information). If you are tracking any conversions or events, that info will also show up in the timeline feed.

If you are using the Drip JavaScript tracking snippet on your website, you will be able to see when the customer visited your website for the first time.

Viewing the customer journey

Navigate to the Subscribers tab and click on the email address of a subscriber.



You can also search for an individual subscriber by entering their email address via the search feature in the top navigation bar.



Understanding the customer journey

The screenshot below shows the complete journey from when the customer first visited the website, to when they eventually became a customer. This is useful if you need to see all the steps the customer went through before becoming a customer.

Activities are displayed in ascending order.