Easily customize the data you see on your Subscriber List. By default, the list will always show your subscribers’ email addresses. Customizing the list allows you to add up to 4 additional custom fields you might have about your subscribers, in addition to their email address.

To view your Subscriber List, simply go to the Subscribers tab in the top navigation bar. Here’s an example of the default view only displaying only email addresses:


Customizing the view

To add additional data to the Subscriber List, click the gear icon located directly under the “Perform an action” heading:

You’ll notice that the “Lifetime Value” property is available for addition, and if you have Lead Scoring enabled, you will see that property as well. In addition to those native properties, you will see any additional custom fields you have added:

Keep in mind that in addition to the native fields, any additional fields you see will have been added based on data you have collected about your subscribers, so if your fields look a bit different than those in the screenshot above, that is the reason.

Go ahead and check-off the additional fields you would like to add to the list view and click the Save button. Once the is refreshed, you will see the additional data appear on your list: