In this article, you will learn how to edit your default email footer, an email campaign footer, and a one-off email footer.

This is the footer that will be attached to all email by default. We will cover how to switch up the footer for a campaign or one-off email later in the document.

Navigate to Settings Account in the navigation bar.


You will see the Email Defaults section where you can edit the default footer for all of your Drip emails.


Keep in mind that you will get an error message if your footer does not include either of these two shortcodes:

{{ unsubscribe_link }}


{{ unsubscribe_url }}

In order to comply with CAN-SPAM laws, Drip requires that our users provide their subscribers with a way to unsubscribe from receiving any further emails.

You can edit the footer for a single campaign without changing any of your defaults.

Navigate to Campaigns (select the campaign you wish to edit) > Settings > Footer

Make any edits you would like, but don’t forget to save you settings!


You can edit the footer to a single one-off email without changing any of your defaults.

Navigate to the one-off email settings and make any edits to the footer that are needed.