Expiring Links allow you to easily change from one URL to another on a specific date and time. This makes it easy to direct your readers to special offer pages with limited time offers, then redirect them somewhere else once that offer has expired.

Your expiring links are compatible with all email features including Campaigns, Broadcasts, and One-Off emails.

In this article:


Go to Settings > Email Setup > Expiring Links and click “New Expiring Link” to create a new expiring link.

Give it a descriptive name so you will be able to easily identify it from any others you create.

You’ll notice that there are 3 main components to set up an expiring link:

  • Link URL is the link that will have a set expiration date
  • Expiration Date is the date and time your main link URL will expire
  • Link URL After Expiration takes the main URL’s place once it expires

Here’s an example:

Once your link is ready, click the “Save” button and you will see your link has been created. You can then edit or delete your expiring link.


Go to the email you’d like to add an expiring link to and click the “Link” tool in the email editor. If you have some text you’d like to attach a URL to, go ahead and highlight that text before inserting the link.

Once you click the link tool, you’ll select “Expiring Links” and insert the expiring link you’d like to add to the email.

If you don’t see the link you need, you can click “Add Expiring Link” to create a new Expiring Link.