Don’t want your campaign’s first email to get sent immediately after sign up? Simply head to the campaign settings tab to adjust the delivery of the first email.

1. Set the drop-down box for “When should we send the first email?”on your campaign’s settings page, to “At the next set time of day”.

Note: If the “Delay Between Emails” option is set in “minutes” or “hours” for the first email, those timings settings will still override the “Timing Settings” demonstrated immediately below. The first email delivery settings on the “Campaign Settings” page will only be prioritized if the first email’s delay is set in “days” on the campaign emails listing page.

2. Set the delay of your first campaign email to the time period you want Drip to wait before the email is sent.

Specify the days of the week that Drip can send Campaign emails.

Within the Timing settings, you also have the option to configure what days of the week we can send your emails out for you. Check the days that you want Drip to send your campaign emails out.

If a specific day is left un-checked, Drip will wait until the next available checked day of the week to resume sending the campaign emails no matter how you have specified the delay between emails.