Using GIFs in your emails can add emphasis to your surrounding email content. Whether that be to outline something instructional in your email content, or to just add a little extra flare, GIFs can be inserted into your emails by following a few simple steps.

Step 1: Decide on the Goal of the GIF

Decide on the main goal of the GIF you will be using?

  • Demonstrate a product or service
  • Animate data/infographic
  • Dra attention to a CTA
  • Shosemotionn / be relatable / tell a story
  • How-to video

Step 2: Take Video or Pictures, or Search Online

Once you’ve chosen the purpose of your GIF, decide what would best portray that goal.

If you’re demonstrating your product with the GIF, you have all the props you need for your product or service. If you want to make your GIF, find people around your office (or some good friends) to be actors in your GIF.

Next, shoot your video or take many static images. You can do this on an expensive piece of equipment, like a DSLR camera, or your smartphone.

If you aren’t creating your own GIF material, then start searching with keywords until you’ve found the perfect GIF for your needs on (or similar tool).

Step 3: Make Your GIF

Upload your video or images to your GIF maker.

Here are a few tools to help this process:

Edit your GIF to meet your needs, e.g., crop it, add captions, set the speed, and even add special effects depending on which GIF app you’re using.

Remember: Put all important text on the first slide of your GIF. In case a subscriber’s ESP doesn’t support GIFs, they’ll still see the good stuff.

Step 4: Download Your Finished GIF

Once your GIF is ready for the public, download it onto your computer. All three tools listed above allow you to download your finished GIF.

 Step 5: Upload Your GIF to Drip

Inside of your Drip account, head to your email editor.

To add a GIF to the body of your email, click on the “Insert Image” icon.

Click “Upload Images” in the following window, then select your GIF file from your computer.

Once it’s uploaded, click on it. It will automatically be placed in the body of your email, and that window will close.