Bee is the email editor for designing elegant, responsive messages. This article will help you transfer your Bee email templates to use with your Drip account.

This article will assume you are using the Bee Pro version of the service.

We recommend using Bee Pro ($10/month) because it includes image hosting. Although this will work with the Bee Free version, it will require a lot of extra work transferring your images over to your Drip account.

What you will need:

  • Drip account
  • Bee Free Pro account
  • A text editor such as Sublime or Atom (both have a free license).
    • If you use a stock text editor like TextEdit (mac) or NotePad (Windows), you will want to make sure you enable plain text only.

Set up your Bee email template

While logged in to your Bee Pro account, click the Create new project button.

Give the project a name and select its color scheme:

You will be redirected to the “Let’s start designing!” view. Click the Create new message button to get started designing your template.

In Step 1 you will describe the message with a name and a description. Here’s an example:

In Step 2  you will pick the template you would like to use. Select a template that is relevant for your use case, but for now, we will use the “Thank You” template for this example:

Once you have made your template selection, click the Get Started button in the upper right-hand corner. You will now be able to edit your template to suit your needs. Click the Save button when you are finished editing your template.

Exporting your Bee Pro template

After saving your template edits, click on the Export button to download your template.

Bee will then ask you to “Select an export option” and this is the reason we recommend using the Pro version. You’ll notice that you can either select to download a zip file or keep your images online. Keeping your images online will allow you to store your images on Bee’s servers, rather than taking on the task of transferring them over to your Drip account.

Select the option to keep your images online and click the Export button:

We recommend using the “Keep my images online” option.

The file exports as an HTML file. Go to wherever your downloads are stored on your computer and open the file with your preferred text editor, such as Sublime Text or Atom.

When you open the file you will see the HTML that makes up the email template’s structure. We can now use this HTML in Drip to switch up any email you’d like.

Using your Bee email template in Drip

Now that you have exported your Bee template, go to the email you would like to switch up in your Drip account.

Navigate to the email’s Source feature under the HTML tab and copy and paste your Bee template code directly into the text area:

Remember to click the Save button.

Once you have the template code in place, you can switch over to the Preview tab to view your changes:

Adding the code directly to the email’s source ensures that the email maintains the footer you have already configured in your Drip account. If you’d like to be able to reuse your Bee email template as a Drip email template, check out this article.