Your Drip account comes pre-loaded with a library of email autoresponder swipe copy. Instead of spending hours writing a campaign of autoresponder emails from scratch, you can use these campaigns to jumpstart your creativity.

The swipe copy lives in the Campaign Blueprints feature. Each blueprint is written with a different use case in mind and contains at least one email. Here’s how to get set up.

Create a campaign

If you don’t have a campaign ready for your new emails, create one. Then click “Choose a Blueprint” (you can find this on the “Emails” tab of your new campaign).

If you already have a campaign with emails, find the little link below your emails that says, “Browse our blueprints for some inspiration.”

Select the Campaign Blueprint that meets your needs

Once you find the emails that sound right for your needs, click the “Use this blueprint” button. This will add the emails from the blueprint to your campaign.

If you already had emails in your campaign that you don’t want to keep, you’ll need to delete them, because the blueprint emails will simply be added to the end of anything already in the campaign.

Customize the emails

Every email in your selected blueprint has copy that’s ready for you to use, with a few customizations.

Here’s an example of areas you would customize in your email swipe copy: