Easily insert a call-to-action (CTA) button into Campaign, Broadcast or One-off emails. Under the hood, this feature takes a standard hyperlink and turns it into a CTA button.

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Insert a CTA button

To insert a CTA button into an email, open the email editor of the email you would like to insert the CTA button.

Write out the text you would like to appear in the CTA button. Then, highlight your CTA wording and click “Insert CTA button”:

When the modal appears, enter the URL where the button will redirect the reader and switch on the “Make this link a call-to-action button”:

Under the email’s HTML tab, the CTA button still looks like a standard hyperlink. To view the styled button, click the Preview tab:

Now, we have a CTA button linking readers to any valid URL you have inserted. By Enabling the CTA button feature, we automatically add a predefined CSS class to the hyperlink. To view this class, click the Source button under the email editor’s HTML tab:

As you can see, this is just an anchor tag including the “.cta-button” class.

In the next section, we will cover how to modify this class.


Styling the CTA button

To modify the CTA button styles, got to your email template under Settings > Templates.

If you are using the “Simple” template, you will need to make a copy of the Simple template. To learn how to setup a new email template, read up on this article. Once you are in the template editor, go to the HTML tab and find the “.cta-button” class selector:

Modify the “.cta-button” class to suit your needs. You can always refer back to the Simple template for the CTA button default styles.