Each Drip account has its own unique JavaScript tracking snippet. This snippet is the direct link between your Drip account and your website.

Features such as Drip’s opt-in form widgets, the Visited a page trigger found in automation, and when making calls to Drip’s JavaScript API all depend on being able to communicate back to your JavaScript snippet.

Tip: We recommend installing your JavaScript snippet even if you don’t think you will be requiring its functionality.

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Locating your JavaScript snippet

Your snippet can be found under Settings > Account > Site Setup

settings-account   jsSnippet

There is no need to modify the code, and you can copy and paste it straight into your website’s codebase.

If you have multiple Drip accounts, each account will have its own unique snippet.


Where will you be installing your JavaScript snippet?

Before you install your JavaScript snippet

Prior to installation you will want to make sure that the snippet has not been previously installed through any 3rd party integrations you might be using that currently have direct connections to your website.

For example, if you manually install the snippet into your website code, and also have the snippet installed in a platform like Google Tag Manager, or our WordPress plugin (if you are using WordPress), the snippet will install twice and will result in unwanted behavior.

If you are experiencing two of the same form widget showing up on the same page of your site , that is a good indication that the snippet has been installed multiple times on the same page. At that point, you will want to double check the origin of the installation.

Custom website or third-party integrations


If you have a custom website, install your JavaScript snippet on every page, right before the closing </body> tag. You should include this code even on pages where you aren’t displaying any Drip forms so that we can accurately track visitor stats for you.

Third-party integrations

When installing your JS snippet into any 3rd party integrations, please read up on the instructions provided by the platform you are using in regards to proper placement of your snippet.

For example, a platform like Google Tag Manager allows you to install your tracking snippet through its software. In that case, you will not need to manually install the snippet into those pages being tracked by GTM. Double installation will lead to inaccurate tracking and unwanted behavior, like duplicate form widgets appearing on the pages of your website.

If given the option, always place the snippet right before the closing </body> tag.



If you are using WordPress, you can install your JavaScript snippet through our plugin, and all you will need to do is insert your account id. Once installed, the plugin will automatically add the snippet to every page of your WordPress site.

Find your account id under Settings > General Settings.

Installing the plugin

Step1: When logged in to your WordPress admin, navigate to Plugins > Add New

Step2: Search for:

Email Marketing by Drip

and click the Install Now button.

Step 3: In the WordPress admin sidebar, navigate to Settings > Drip.

Step 4: Insert your Drip Account ID and click Save Changes.

You can also manually install this plugin directly into your WordPress file structure by following these instructions.

Keep in mind that installing your snippet through the plugin replaces the need to manually install the code snippet into the website’s codebase. If you use the plugin, and install the snippet manually, it will lead to unwanted behavior like form widgets being duplicated on your webpages and inaccurate tracking of stats.


Send installation instructions to your developer/tech team

In your Drip account, navigate to Settings > Account > Site Setup.

Directly underneath the code snippet, you will see a form. Enter the email address of the individual you would like to send installation instruction to, along with an additional message.


Features that require the JavaScript snippet

You may have noticed that you can still send emails from your Drip account without having your JS snippet installed, but there are a few features that simply will not work until it is installed:

  • Drip opt-in pop-up widget
  • Visited a page trigger
  • Page visit analytics (e.g. number of pages in a visit, visited x times in a week)
  • Lead Scoring for page visits
  • On-page trigger links
  • Identification of subscribers
  • Time zone detection


Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

Help, I’m having trouble installing my JavaScript snippet.

We would love to help you! Please contact us and let us know how we can help.

How does the JavaScript snippet work if I have multiple Drip accounts?

Each Drip account has a unique snippet that can be found under Settings > Account > Site Setup

Can I use the same JavaScript snippet across multiple domains?

Yes! You will need to enable cross-domain tracking.