One of our most requested integrations will let you seamlessly add new leads to your Drip workflows as soon as they opt in from a Facebook Lead Ad. The benefits are obvious: connect your Facebook Lead Ads to Drip and start nurturing your new leads automatically.

Set up your Lead Ad in Facebook

Create your Facebook Lead Ad. In order to get your Lead Ad to work, you first need to create a Lead Form within Facebook’s ad manager. Make sure the form contains the fields you want to collect and send to Drip. You’ll later select this form in your Drip Workflow, so give it a name you’ll remember.

Grant Drip access to your Facebook account

In your Drip account, navigate to Settings > Integrations.

Under Inbound Integrations, select Facebook Lead Ads and complete the following process.

Before moving on, go to Facebook and log into the Facebook account you would like to connect and grant Drip access to (Drip will be able to detect this in the next step). Once you are logged in to your Facebook account, click on the Authorize button in your Drip account:


You will now see that Drip has gained access to your Facebook account via access token. If you ever need to revoke that token, simply click the Remove button.

In order for Drip to receive notifications from your Lead Ads, Drip must be subscribed to your page. To do that, click the Subscribe button.


You have successfully granted Drip the access it will need to automatically start pulling in any new subscribers that opt in through your Facebook Lead Ad form.

Set up the automation

To perform an action anytime a subscriber is added via your Facebook Lead Ad form, set up the following trigger in your automation (this example uses Workflows):


Note: Under “Which page?” and “Which leadgen form?” you will see the name(s) of your pages and forms.

Here’s how you should structure your trigger:

  • Which event should trigger this flow?
    – Facebook: Submitted a landing page
  • Which page?
    – Your page name
  • Which leadgen form?
    – Your form name

Update the trigger and your workflow will look similar like this:fbla-workflow-3

Take it from here if you already have a plan for these subscribers, or follow along if you’d like to apply a tag and send a campaign to your new subscribers.

By Integrating your Facebook Lead Ad form, you can now take full advantage when using Drip’s Workflow feature.

These next steps will generate a workflow that will pull in new subscribers via your Facebook Lead Ad form, apply a tag, and send an automated email campaign with the content that your audience is waiting to receive.

Apply a tag action

Click the “+” button to connect the Apply a tag action and name the tag.

  • Tags are a great way of segmenting your subscribers.
  • Be descriptive when naming your tags.

Send a campaign action

Now let’s send your campaign.

Click the “+” button to connect the Send a campaign action and select the campaign you would like to sent to subscribers that opt in through your Facebook Lead Ad form.fbla-workflow-4

This is one of many ways to handle new subscribers that are added via your Facebook Lead Ad form using a workflow. Explore the other actions that are available and start creating!

Once you are positive about how your workflow is structured, remember to activate your campaign and start your workflow.