PlusThis offers top add-ons for small businesses using marketing automation software.

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Integration set up

First, sign in to your PlusThis account and grant access to your Drip account.

Go to Manage Account > Account Integrations and select the Drip integration.

Once you click the integration, it will ask you to log in to your Drip account and select the account you would like to use (if you have multiple Drip accounts).

Now, copy PlusThis account id and API key.

Paste them under Settings > Integrations > PlusThis in your Drip account.

In PlusThis, you can set up features to perform different tasks. Here is a complete list of features that are compatible with Drip.


Set up automation

Create a workflow or rule action and select the PlusThis integration in the provider menu. Select Send subscriber and the appropriate feature and action from the dropdown menus.