The unsubscribe link provides your readers with the opportunity to unsubscribe from your content at any time. This functionality is also required by law. By default, the unsubscribe link is located in the email footer of every email you send.

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A simple shortcode is used to dynamically insert the unsubscribe link into the email footer:

{{ unsubscribe_link }}

As stated above, this link is located in the email footer by default, but you can insert it anywhere within the email body using the above shortcode.

Changing the text of the unsubscribe link

If you would like to modify the text of the unsubscribe link, you can add a simple filter to the shortcode:

{{ unsubscribe_link | replace_inner_html: "Your New Text" }}

If you want your text modification to be present in every email you send from that point forward, modify the shortcode in the “Basic Email Settings” section of your account. This can be found under Settings > Email Setup > Basic Email Settings.

Then, scroll to the bottom of the page and modify the link under the “Default HTML Footer” and click the “Save Settings” button.


Go to Settings > Email Setup > Unsubscribe Link to manage the unsubscribe link behavior.

It’s important to note that modifying these settings will not change the behavior in emails that have already been sent.

Explained below are the 2 different options provided in the “Unsubscribe Link Behavior” drop-down for when the subscriber clicks the unsubscribe link:

Display the subscription management page

This option allows the subscriber to pick and choose the email campaigns they’d like to unsubscribe from. It does not affect broadcast or one-off emails. If the subscriber unsubscribes from an email campaign that was subscribed to as a step in a particular workflow, the subscriber will immediately get removed from both the campaign and the workflow.

If this option is selected, this is what the subscriber will see when they click the unsubscribe link:

You’ll notice the subscriber has the additional option to unsubscribe just from individual campaigns.


Unsubscribe from all mailings immediately

This option unsubscribes the subscriber from all current email correspondences, including email campaigns, scheduled broadcasts, and workflows. The subscriber will not receive any future mailings that they might be scheduled to receive. If the subscriber takes this step, they will be considered an unsubscribed subscriber and cannot be manually reactivated.

You’ll notice that you can insert a custom “Post Unsubscribe URL” to send subscribers to once they have taken the action to unsubscribe from all mailings. You can use this URL to host another form and hopefully engage the subscriber to reactivate their subscription or use it as a last-ditch effort to let them make a purchase of some kind.

If you use the default unsubscribe page, it will include a link to where the subscriber can reactivate their subscription.