Send one-off emails at specific trigger points across your automation. For instance, if a subscriber makes a purchase you might want to send them a simple email to thank them.

One-off emails can be sent through Workflows, Rules, and Bulk Operations.

When you create a one-off email, it is excluded to the automation feature in which it was set up. Meaning, that if a one-off email is set up in a workflow, that is the only place you can access it. This is also true for one-off emails in Rules and Bulk Operations.

Learn how to set up one-off emails in:



To set up one-off emails in your workflow, click the “+” icon wherever you would like to place the email:


Add an action step to the workflow:


Select the Send a one-off email action from the drop-down and click the Edit email settings link to open the email editor:




In Rules, you can send your one-off emails under the rule’s action step.

Select the Send a one-off email action from the drop-down:



Bulk Operations

Manually send one-off emails with Bulk Operations.

Set up the email in the action step (step two) of the bulk operation with the Send a one-off email action:





Go to Reports > Email Metrics to view open rates, clicks, unsubscribe rates, and reply rates of specific one-off emails.

When setting up the analytic view, one-off email metrics are located under the Automation Level drop-down. Then, select the email.