It is possible to resend a broadcast to your subscribers who do not open it within a specified amount of days. This option will be automated for you and is configured when you schedule the initial send of that broadcast.

This option is available whether you schedule the broadcast to go out immediately, or at a specific time, but cannot be modified after the broadcast has already been sent out.

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After checking the checkbox you will have the option to configure the amount of days you want Drip to wait to resend your broadcast to those who have not opened it up to that point. The email subject line can also be changed upon the resend.

Changing the subject line does not change the body of the email, but the subject line will appear differently in the subscriber’s inbox from the first send of the broadcast.

Once you have configured your ideal settings, go ahead and click Schedule Broadcast and let us take it from there!

  • resend broadcast
  • resend broadcast to unopens