Send notification emails in Workflows and Rules to notify yourself or others on your team at targeted automation points. These emails are sent only to recipients that you specify and will never send to your subscribers.

Let’s start with an example:

If you are using Lead Scoring, you might want to send a notification email to someone on your sales team when a subscriber reaches your lead threshold.

Here’s how that workflow might look:


You can specify who that notification email should get sent to — so that an appropriate team member can reach out to the new lead personally.

Keep in mind that this is a single example. You are able to add notification emails at any action stage of your workflow or rule.

Sending Notification emails:

In Workflows, click the “+” icon wherever you would like to send a notification email:


Add an action to the workflow:


From the drop-down, select the “Send a notification email” action (actions are in alphabetical order):


Click the link to edit the notification email:


If you would like to learn more about the email’s default content you are seeing, you can skip ahead. Or keep going to learn how to add notification emails in Rules.

In Rules, select the “Send a notification email” action under the second step — where it asks “What actions should we perform?”:


Once you select the action, the email editor will appear.

Editing notification emails

When editing the email, enter the necessary recipient(s) under “To whom should we send the notification?”:


If entering multiple recipients, each email addresses must be separated by a comma.

You can draft up any content you’d like in the email body, but we have included a few shortcodes that might provide useful information to whoever is receiving the notification email.

Here’s is a brief explanation of what each shortcode provides (the following numbered list explains the numbered shortcodes from the screenshot below):

  1. This shortcode will display the subscriber’s email address in the subject line.
  2. This shortcode displays the subscriber’s custom fields (if there are any stored in your Drip account).
  3. This shortcode provides a direct link to the subscriber’s profile in your Drip account.



Campaign notification emails

If you would like to receive notification emails when subscribers subscribe to your campaign, enter the email address of the appropriate recipient under the campaign settings:


This setting will send notification emails if the subscriber is subscribed to a campaign through integrations like Leadpages, or Wistia. Both platforms have a direct integration to Drip that sends off your campaign once an action happens in the respected platform. You will also receive notification emails if you manually subscribe the subscriber to the campaign under the “Subscriptions” tab in their individual subscriber profile.

However, Drip will not automatically send notification emails if you are sending your campaigns via the “Send a campaign” action in Workflows or Rules. Mostly because as traffic increases through your automation, so will the volume of notification emails to your inbox.

If you would like to receive notification emails when your subscribers get subscribed to campaigns in your workflows and rules, you will need to set up a notification email action in your workflow or rule:


You’ll notice that the “Send a notification email” action is placed directly above the “Send a campaign” action. If the notification email were to be placed beneath the “Send a campaign” action, you would not receive the notification until after the campaign has been completed. Additionally, if the subscriber achieves any goals while still subscribed to the campaign, the notification email would never send.