Uploading your workflows to your multiple Drip accounts, or simply sharing your workflows with others has never been easier than with the Sharable Workflow feature. Generate a unique URL or embed your workflow in your web page with just a few clicks!

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Share Workflows via URL

First, go to the workflow you would like to share.

In the workflow’s visual builder, click the “Options” drop-down and select the “Share” option.


Click “Share Workflow” to reveal the option of sharing via unique URL or embed code:

Select the “Share Link” tab to copy the unique URL:

You can decide whether or not to share all referenced campaigns and one-off emails that are set up in your workflow.

Now, simply copy and paste the entire URL into your browser’s address bar and this will redirect you to a separate page similar to the one seen in the screenshot below:

Click the “INSTALL THIS WORKFLOW” button to select the Drip account you would like for this workflow to be installed.

If you are not already signed in to your Drip account, you will be asked to do so. Otherwise, you will be able to select the Drip account you would like to install the workflow (if you have multiple accounts).

Once the install is complete, you will be redirected to the workflow in the appropriate account where you will be able to make any edits you might need. Once the workflow is ready to go live, click the “Start” button.


Share Workflows via embed code

Click the “Options” drop-down and select the “Share” option.

Select the “Embed Code” option:

As it says in Step 1, add the JavaScript code before the closing body tag (code example):

Then, as it says in Step 2, place the iframe code wherever you want the workflow to appear on the page (code example):

Here’s an example of how the embedded workflow displays on the web page:

Now you can share Workflows directly from your website or web app!