With the Tag Management page, you can easily add new tags or edit, merge or delete your already existing tags from one convenient view.

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Accessing the Tag Management page

Go to Subscribers > Tags to access the Tag Management page:

There you will see a list of your tags displayed in alphabetical order. You can click on any of the tags to see a filtered view of all subscribers holding that tag.


Add a new tag

To add a new tag, click the “Add tags” button:

Enter the name of the new tag and click the “Add” button:

You will find the new tag listed alphabetically in your tags list.


Edit a tag

Locate the tag you would like to edit and click the blue “Edit” button:

When the modal appears, enter the new name for the tag and click the “Submit” button:

Alert: Editing the tag name does not update the tag name within automation you already have set up. Although automation will still run (with the original representation of the tag), it will not record the new name of the tag. You will need to go and edit the tag name within your automation sequences.


Merge tags

To merge two separate tags, click the blue drop-down and select the “Merge” option:

The tag with which you began the merge will automatically be selected as “Tag 1”. You will need to select “Tag 2”, the tag that will get merged with “Tag 1”:

By default, the tag will newly merged tags will be named the same as “Tag 1”, but you have the option of renaming that tag:

Once you have configured the merge as you’d like, click the “Merge Tags” button to complete the merge.

This action will not update the merged tag in any automation you have already set up.


Delete a tag

To delete a tag, select the “Delete” option from the blue drop-down of the appropriate tag:

Click “Delete” and a confirmation modal will appear to confirm your delete. Click the “I’m sure, delete this tag” button.

Please double check that this is the tag you would like to delete as this action cannot be undone once completed.