With filters, you can search your subscriber database for particular subscriber segments. Data like tags, custom fields, and lead score (amongst many other options) can all be used to return your desired subscriber segments.

You will find your subscriber filter under Subscribers > List:


Here’s an example of a straight forward query that filters subscribers by a tag:


The filter above will return only subscribers that hold the particular tag that is specified in the search. The search parameter is called a “condition”.

If you need to perform more complex queries and qualify subscribers based on multiple conditions, you can use and/or between your search conditionals.

Using and/or between conditionals to filter subscriber segments.

When adding multiple conditions to your subscriber filters, you will notice that you have the option of using and/or between your search conditionals:


For example, let’s say there are 3 custom fields that we want to perform the query for, and we only want the search to return subscribers that have values set for all 3 fields.

For this, you will use and between the conditionals.

That search would look like this:


As specified in the search conditions above, Drip will only return subscribers in your database that meet all 3 criteria.

When the same conditionals are separated by or, subscribers will only be required to meet at least 1 of the specified search criteria.

That search would look like this: