Apart from building your epic Workflows, the Workflow Visual Builder has many features that will allow you to be more in tune with your marketing madness. This article is dedicated to the many features that often get overlooked when you’re elbows deep in creating the perfect workflow.

If you are wanting to learn how to build Workflows, go here.

In this article:


Options drop-down

In the upper right side of the Workflow Visual Builder (WVB) nav bar, you will see the “Options” drop-down. Click on it to reveal more settings.

There are four settings that you can toggle on and off:

  • Show Analytics
  • Show Todo List
  • Show Workflow Map
  • Enable Night Mode

Show Analytics

Toggle this option to reveal traffic stats for each of the workflow’s steps.


Show Todo List

Turn this option on to reveal a todo list to the left side of the workflow. This will remind you to add a workflow trigger, activate a campaign you might be using if it’s still in draft mode, amongst many other reminders.


Show Workflow Map

If you have a particularly vast workflow consisting of many steps, enable the workflow map that will allow you to view and scroll through a minified representation of your workflow. Click from within the map and navigate straight to that point in the workflow.


Enable Night Mode

Enable Night Mode to add a dark contrast to your WVB. This is ideal when working on your workflows in low lighting.



You can breathe easy if you accidentally remove a workflow step you didn’t mean to remove. Simply click the “Undo” button to bring that last edit back to life.

Or, did you undo something you didn’t mean to? Simply click the “Redo” button to replace what was just removed.


Renaming Workflows

To rename your workflow, simply click on the workflow name in the upper left of the nav bar, edit the name and click the “Save” button.