ConvertFlow generates more leads and acquires more customers for you automatically, with personalized calls-to-actions and powerful on-site retargeting.

Easily push new subscribers that fill out your ConvertFlow call-to-action into your Drip account and send them down a workflow, add a tag, or record an event.

Syncing your dynamic calls-to-action with Drip

While building dynamic CTAs in ConvertFlow, you can easily set automated actions to trigger each call-to-action step people engage with, from within your different marketing tools.

And with the new Drip integration, setting up Drip automations with your CTAs is about as easy as it gets.

For example, let’s say we’re building a multi-step CTA for my blog’s sidebar. It’s going to offer a free consultation in 3 steps, and we want ConvertFlow to conditionally trigger a few automations based on how people engage with each step.

Here’s how that would look:

Call-to-action step 1
For this step, the visitor sees the sidebar CTA. Submits the email opt-in. We add a tag in ConvertFlow (so we can retarget them). Then, we add the ”Subscriber” and “Potential Client” tags in Drip, and we track the event in Drip which indicates that they started the consultation form.


Call-to-action step 2
Now, for the second CTA step, we’re going to request more information from potential leads, so I can qualify them, and then segment them in my different campaigns.


When they complete this step of the form, we can set it so ConvertFlow sends me an alert with the person’s researched lead profile. Adds the “Wants consultation” tag in Drip. And adds my new lead to the “Consultation request” workflow in Drip.

On to the third, and last step!

Call-to-action step 3
For our last step, we’re going to give new leads the ability to choose which challenge they think they need the most help with. To do this, we’re going to show 2 buttons linking to different articles. These are intended to presell leads on my consulting know-how and experience.

And logically, we’re going to trigger automations to segment the leads based on their choice, so we can deliver more personalized follow-up!


For each button, we’re going to tag the contacts in Drip based on their choice. As you can see, we’ll have lots of useful information on the new leads. We would have delivered valuable content personalized for them, and we would have also triggered follow-up emails in Drip.

Now, heading over to Drip.

Here’s my workflow for leads engaging with my “consultation request” call-to-action…


As you can see, within Drip’s powerful workflow builder, I’ve set it up so this workflow…

  1. Starts with contacts having the “Potential Client” tag applied by the first step of the ConvertFlow CTA.
  2. Waits a few minutes for them to move through the CTA, and then checks to see if they completed the 2-step form.
  3. If they did not complete the steps, we add the opt-in to the follow-up sequence that helps them finish the process of requesting a consultation.
  4. If they did complete the steps, Drip checks the tags applied by choosing their marketing challenge in CTA Step 3, and sends them either the “traffic generation”, or “traffic conversion” campaign based on their choice.

As you can see in this example, Drip made it super easy to set up email follow up based on the lead’s progress through my “consultation request” call-to-action.

Cool stuff, right?

Meanwhile, back in ConvertFlow, we’ve created a conversion Flow to retarget my leads based on their progress through the “consultation request” call-to-action.


All new visitors will see the consultation request call-to-action. Those who submit the form will be moved to the next stage, where ConvertFlow will start showing CTAs depending on whether they finished the second step of the consultation request form, or not.

In case they didn’t finish it, we’ll retarget them with an exit overlay…


…which only shows if the visitor has been tagged with “Wants consultation” tag in Drip, and is still subscribed to the “Consultation request follow up” campaign in Drip.


As you can see, when you combine Drip with ConvertFlow, you get very powerful marketing automation, synced with your website and your email marketing campaigns.