ConvertPlayer is the ultimate way to connect with your viewers and grow your list using videos. With elegant hi‑converting opt‑in boxes placed at the beginning, middle or at the end of a video you can effectively reach your visitors and increase your conversions on videos.

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Step 1: Add a new ConvertPlayer video

In ConvertPlayer, click “Add New Video” and enter the video URL. Then, click the “add video” button:


Step 2: Connect Drip to ConvertPlayer

Click the “Add Email Opt-In” button located directly below the video preview:


Select Drip under the list of integrated services:


Click the green “connect >> Drip” button:


This integration is connected via OAuth and requires the user to be signed in to their Drip account. If you are already signed in to your Drip account, you will simply be asked to authorize the connection of your Drip account to ConvertPlayer by clicking the “Authorize” button:

You will get a success message in your ConvertPlayer account once the connection is complete:


Step 3: Setup automation

We suggest you create a Workflow to handle opt-ins collected via your ConvertPlayer videos and set up your trigger as such:

Now that your Drip account is connected to your ConvertPlayer account, all of your previously created workflows and campaigns become available for use.

Once you have your workflow ready, go back to your video in ConvertPlayer and click the “Add Email Opt-In” button.

Click the “change or update email service” button:

Select your workflow from the drop-down and click “Save”:

Now that your automation is hooked up to your video, all you need to do is embed your ConvertPlayer video to your web page. The opt-in box will appear in the time frame you have specified in the video settings. It would be a good idea to test the automation with your own email address to make sure the automation is behaving as needed.

We will automatically add the new subscriber to your Subscriber List (if they do not already exist) and record an event called “Submitted a video opt-in box” to the subscriber’s timeline:


Have additional questions? Please reach out to our support specialists: