Crowdcast provides live video for the next generation. Whether you’re a business, coach or teacher, Crowdcast is the simplest way to connect live.

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How it works

Whenever we receive data from Crowdcast, we will automatically add the member as a subscriber (if they are not already in your account) and record an event for that subscriber in Drip. You can use events that Crowdcast sends, to trigger automation in your Drip account.

Here’s an example of how a Crowdcast event will look on a subscriber’s timeline:


Connect Crowdcast to your Drip account

Go to the integrations tab in your Crowdcast account settings and click “Connect” on the Drip panel.

Set up automation

Create a trigger in a workflow or a basic rule and choose Crowdcast as the provider. Then, select the specific event that you would like to trigger an action in Drip.


Here’s an example of how you might use Crowdcast events in a workflow.



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