You can easily send a subscriber straight to your Salesforce account with a few steps. Keep in mind that when sending a subscriber to Salesforce, it is a one-time, one-way sync from Drip to Salesforce and no data about email sending will be visible in the Salesforce UI.

In your Drip account, go to Settings > Integrations > Salesforce.

Step 1

Follow the instructions to paste

Drip uses your Web-to-Lead form to send new subscribers to your Salesforce account. Follow these instructions to enable web-to-lead and create a form.

Step 2

Setup automation.

Create a Send subscriber to another application workflow action and select Salesforce as your integration.


Your action should now look like this:



Using PieSync

PieSync enables you to craft up a stronger connection between Salesforce and Drip.

Simply set up a new connection between Salesforce and Drip and select the actions you would like to take, and when you’d like them to happen.

For example, if you update a contact in Salesforce with you as the owner, and you would like to automatically apply a tag to that contact in Drip as well, you might set up a connection as such:

This is just a single example demonstrating the interactions between these two apps that are not currently possible using the native Salesforce integration inside of Drip.