Hooking Drip to your Gumroad account has never been easier. To get started, head to the “Automation” area of Drip and create a new automation rule. Then, choose the “Made a purchase” trigger and select Gumroad as your provider:


Then, click the “Authorize” button to grant Drip access to your Gumroad account. Once we have access, we will let Gumroad know to ping us anytime you make a sale.

If you only want this rule to listen for sales of a specific product, choose the product from the dropdown. Otherwise, choose “Any product”:


On the action side, you will typically want to tag the subscriber as a Customer and/or subscribe them to a campaign specifically geared toward customers.

Migrating from the ping-based Gumroad integration

If you hooked your Drip account to Gumroad before April 2015, you are likely using our older ping-based integration. Not to worry, everything will continue to work normally. However, our new integration flow is a bit easier to set up and migrating over is simple. Here’s how it’s done.

First, open up any automation rules that are listening for the “Made a purchase” custom event. Your trigger will look something like this:


If your trigger is filtered by product_id as shown above, then take note of the ID before making any changes. (If you are not sure which product the ID goes with, send us an email and we’ll help you out.)

Then, change the trigger type from “Performed a custom event” to “Made a purchase” and follow the steps outlined at the top of this document.

Once all your automation rules are updated, remove the old ping URL from your Gumroad settings. Head to your Gumroad account settings, click the “Developer” tab, and then delete the getdrip.com URL from the Ping endpoint field:


And that’s it! As always, don’t hesitate to contact support if you need a hand.