With planning, migrating from another platform to Drip is straightforward. This checklist is designed to help you think through every part of your migration.

  1. Start with an Audit
    1. Subscriber attributes. Do you use tags or custom fields to add critical information to your subscribers? If so, list these.
    2. Emails and Templates
      1. You can use HTML templates that you have exported from your previous email service provider, and any HTML templates you have purchased, or designed on your own. 
      2. Move all your autoresponders into Drip campaigns.
        1. Copy the text of your emails from your old platform and paste them as plain text into Drip campaign emails. You can apply a template after you copy and paste.
        2. Migrate any links from your old platform emails directly into Drip, check formatting of the URL so that no old tracking is present. You can enable Drip’s UTM tracking on each link at this step.
        3. Change first name variables to support the custom field of your subscriber’s first names in your Drip account {{ subscriber.fname | default: “Friend” }} (NOTE: InfusionSoft uses ~Contact.FirstName~ )
        4. Remember to capture timing delays between emails in the campaign
    3. Lists
      1. What kind of segmentation do you do with your lists? Think about how to retain this segmentation using the “no list” model of Drip. Using Tags with the same name as your lists is a good option.
    4. Automation: Workflows, Autoresponders, Rules and Campaigns
      1. Every rule, workflow, campaign and autoresponder needs to be accounted for. Make a list of the ways your existing email marketing tool automatically follows up with your subscribers and leads.
      2. Replicate the same decision trees and triggers and tags in Drip as you had in your old platform
    5. Forms
      1. Forms on your site and landing pages need to all update to send subscribers to your new Drip account. Make a list of all the forms you’re using, even if they’re not on your main website.
      2. Update your forms when your new Drip account is set up with automation for new subscribers. can take on new subscribers, update any optin forms to send to the right Drip Workflow Automation
    6. Integrations
      1. Make a list of the other tools to manage your subscribers, like landing pages, payment gateways, shopping carts or webinar tools.
      2. Remember things like Affiliate portals and assets, order pages and thank you page upsells