It’s easy to move your subscribers from ConvertKit to Drip. Here’s how.

Moving Your Subscribers and Tags to Drip


In ConvertKit, go to Subscribers, then select the subscribers you want to export. To retain your existing tagging structure, you can select individual tags to export.

Make sure you select all subscribers – not just the subscribers on the page.

ConvertKit 2

You may have a number of lists to bring to Drip. For each one, you should do a separate export. You’ll later import each list into Drip separately, applying the name of the tag in ConvertKit as a tag in Drip.

ConvertKit 4

Once you’ve followed these steps, you’ve successfully exported your CSVs to import into Drip. Follow these instructions to import your subscribers to Drip, and repeat this process for each separate tag in ConvertKit.

Moving Your Sequences to Drip Campaigns

ConvertKit 3

For every ConvertKit sequence, create a Drip campaign.

Copy the text of your subject lines and emails and paste them into campaign emails in Drip.

Don’t forget to keep the delays of each email, too.


Moving Your Automations to Workflows

Every Automation Rule in ConvertKit should be added as an Entry Trigger OR a goal in a Drip Workflow, depending on the sequences you want to set up. Every action in an Automation Rule should be added to Drip as a step in a Workflow.

To learn more about Drip Workflows, see these articles.