It’s easy to move your subscribers from Ontraport to Drip. Here’s how.

Moving Your Subscribers and Tags to Drip


Like Drip, Ontraport uses a single contact record for each subscriber. Ontraport’s groups and tags let you organize your contacts, and you can assign tags to subscribers you move to Drip.

Step 1. Export Your Contacts

In Ontraport, go to Contacts, then select the subscribers you want to export. To retain your existing tagging structure, you can select individual groups to export.

Ontraport lets you pick which fields you want to export.



Check the list of fields you have, and select only the ones you will need to move to Drip. Excluding unneeded fields keeps your new Drip account well-structured and reduces your import time.

Make sure you select all subscribers – not just the subscribers on the page you’re looking at.

The export from Ontraport should include your subscriber tags. Click the “Contact Tags” option to include these tags in the CSV you bring to Drip.

Once you’ve followed these steps, you’ve successfully exported your CSVs to import into Drip. Follow these instructions to import your subscribers to Drip, and repeat this process for each separate tag in Ontraport.

Step 2: Recreate Your Ontraport Groups in Drip by Creating Saved Segments

If you are using Groups in Ontraport, you should recreate these using Drip’s Saved Segments.

In the below example, a query of tags, state and city create a Group in Ontraport.



Here’s how the same Group would look as a Saved Segment in Drip:


When you’ve exported your contacts from Ontraport, imported them into Drip, and saved your Ontraport Groups as Segments in Drip, you’ve completed your contact migration and segmentation.

Recreating Your Ontraport Forms in Drip

For every Ontraport form, create one in Drip.


Remember to add any form rules from Ontraport forms to your Drip forms.

If your Ontraport form fills apply a tag, for example, make sure your Drip form rules also apply the same tag. Or if you’re sending a notification email to yourself when the form submits, include that as a Drip form rule.

Moving Your Sequences to Drip Campaigns and Workflows

For every Ontraport sequence, create a Drip Workflow.

The emails in your sequence should go into a Drip Campaign, with each individual email separated by delays. Add the Campaign to your Workflow once it’s complete.


The rules in your sequence should be added as Action steps in your Workflow.

Here’s what an Ontraport Rule looks like when it’s recreated in a Drip Workflow.

This Ontraport Rule moves a subscriber from one sequence to another if they have a certain tag:


Here is how the same rule would look in a Drip Workflow:



To learn more about Drip Workflows, see these articles.