Drip monitors both hard and soft bounced emails. Once an email address reaches it’s limit of hard or soft bounces, Drip will no longer attempt to send any further email messages to those subscribers.

Hard and soft bounce limits

Hard Bounces: 1

A hard bounce is defined as an email send that has been returned to the sender due to the intended recipient’s email address being invalid. Hard bounces commonly occur due to a non-existent domain, or an intended subscriber might have misspelled their email address when opting in through a form.

Soft Bounces: 3

A soft bounce is defined as an email send that has reached the recipient’s mail server but is sent back before it reaches the intended inbox. Soft bounces most commonly occur when the intended recipient’s inbox is full.

Keep in mind that we must uphold the reputation of our sending IP. If your account reaches too high of a bounce rate, your account can be blocked from email sending without warning.

If you have any concerns about whether or not your intended recipient list might put your account over the bounce threshold, please feel free to reach out to support before sending.

It is good practice to clean your list using platforms like Neverbounce or Kickbox before importing your subscribers into Drip.

Monitoring hard bounce rates

Navigate to Reports > Hard Bounces


In the next step, go ahead and configure the date range that you want reported back. Drip will then run a report and return information that includes the dates the emails bounced, the subscriber’s email address that was intended to receive the bounced email and the actual email that was recorded as a hard bounce.

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View all undeliverable subscribers

Follow the below actions to filter your subscriber list to only show all subscribers who have undeliverable email addresses. These subscribers are also known as removed subscribers

Subscribers > List > Show removed subscribers only


Your subscriber list should now be filtered to only show subscribers who have been removed. These subscribers can be identified by a yellow icon.

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Click on any of the removed subscribers and you will see that Drip has recorded a Hard bounced event that includes the email that was bounced and if it is apart of a campaign, broadcast or one-off-email.

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Although these subscribers are still visible in your account, sending is disabled for these subscribers. If you feel that any of your subscribers have been removed in error, please reach out to support and let us know.

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