In this article, you will learn how to personalize emails by dynamically inserting the first names of your subscribers in the emails you send.

What you will need for this to work

  • A custom field storing the first names of your subscribers.


The Shortcode

Use this shortcode syntax when inserting your subscribers’ first names into an email:

{{ subscriber.your_custom_field_identifier }}

Step 1: Go to the email editor.

Step 2: Insert your shortcode.

Here’s an example:


You’ll notice that we replaced “your_custom_field_identifier” with the custom field being used to store the first names of our subscribers.

Note: Your first name custom field might be displayed differently in your account than what you see in the example above. If so, insert it as it is displayed in your account. Spelling and capitalization do matter when writing out your shortcodes.

Adding a default value

You might not have a first name for all of your subscribers. If that’s the case, you can add a simple default to your shortcode:

{{ subscriber.your_custom_field_identifier | default: "there" }}

Place any default text you would like to appear to the subscriber, in between the double quotes.

For more information about how email personalization works in Drip, check out this article.

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