When you enable Lead Scoring, your subscribers will have scores assigned based on their interactions with your website and emails. One example: When a prospect visits your pricing page or opens an email, their lead score increases.

Head over to Settings > Lead Scoring and you’ll see the option to enable Lead Scoring.

enable lead scoring

Enabling Lead Scoring will also show the option to retroactively mark subscribers in your account as leads.

retroactively mark leads

Let’s take a look at an example subscriber. Head over to “Subscribers” and look for a subscriber with a lead score.

When you click on that subscriber, you’ll see a two view options: “All Activity” and “Lead Score Activity.” Lead Score Activity shows each action that affected their score.

actions affecting lead score

Adjusting How Lead Score Is Calculated

You can adjust how points are assigned for various actions your subscribers perform. A visit to your product’s tour and pricing page can be set to increase a lead score, while a visit to your careers page can be set to decrease this score.

Similarly, email engagement and custom events can be set to affect the score.

Lead Scoring is set to automatically calculate aging. For each week of inactivity, a lead score will drop by 4 points while a subscriber maintains a lead score of at least 30 points or higher. If a subscriber lead score drops below 30 points, each week of inactivity will result in a drop of 1 point until the subscriber regains a lead score of at least 30 points or higher.

lead score aging

We base our default scoring on industry-standard calculations, but you can adjust how points are awarded for each action, or assign points for opt-in forms and custom events.

Modifying Your Lead Threshold

Setting a Lead Threshold promotes a subscriber from a prospect to a full-fledged lead. Once this threshold is met, a prospect who has passed the Lead Threshold can be eligible for Automation Rules which can be used to add a lead to a list which will nurture them further. Lead Threshold is by default set at 65 points, and you can adjust this to your specific requirements.

How To Set Up Automation Rules

Under Automation, choose the “Became a lead” trigger. When a prospect’s lead score passes the lead threshold, this trigger fires an event that can perform an action, like moving the lead from one course to another or adding the lead to your CRM.