You can import a CSV of subscribers directly into Drip using Bulk Operations. Note: Imports may be subject to approval before they are added to your account.

Preparing your CSV for import

Create a CSV containing a column with the heading “email.” This is the minimum required to import subscribers, but you can also include these special column names:

lifetime_value (in cents)

Any other columns you include will be attached to the subscriber as custom fields.

Custom field limitationsCustom field identifiers in Drip can only contain letters, numbers and underscores. Also, keep in mind that spaces between a custom field identifier, such as “first name” should be added into Drip as “first_name” with an underscore separating both words. Drip does not automatically treat that space as an underscore.

If you include a “time_zone” column it should be in Olson format (also known as “tz database”), for example: America/Los_Angeles.

Upload your CSV of subscribers by going to Subscribers > Bulk Operations.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 9.11.34 AM

Once you upload your CSV, you’ll see a preview of the first few rows of data. To ignore a particular column, click the X on the column header.


A preview of a CSV about to be imported.


Here is a subscriber record for a successfully added subscriber:

Actions you can take upon import

Apply a tag: Apply a given tag to the subscriber.
Subscribe to a campaign: Add the subscriber to a particular campaign.
Move from one campaign to another: Move the subscriber from one campaign to another.
Remove from a campaign: Remove the subscriber from a particular campaign.
Restart a campaign: Restart the subscriber from the beginning of a particular campaign.
Remove a tag: Remove a given tag from the subscriber.
Send a one-off email: Send a special email to the subscriber.
Set a custom field: Set a custom field for the subscriber.
Record an event: Record a custom event for the subscriber.
Record a conversion: Record a goal conversion for the subscriber.
Delete the subscriber: Delete the subscriber (and all their data) from your account.
Send the subscriber to another application: Send the subscriber into another service via an outbound integration
Flag the subscriber as a prospect: If lead scoring is enabled, begin lead scoring for this subscriber.

Will Drip upload duplicate email addresses?

No, Drip will not upload duplicate email addresses; however, we will update data like custom fields, tags, or create additional custom fields to hold any additional data if that email address is uploaded any additional times.

Import Approval

Drip reviews each import to maintain high deliverability. We require that each subscriber you import be opted in, and not purchased or sourced through any means aside from the subscriber opting in.

Keep in mind that import approval may delay imports, especially for larger lists. Plan accordingly and import a day in advance of any deadline dependent on the import.
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